Acorn Class 17th – 21st January 2022


This week something exciting happened in our music lesson…..we were let loose on the glockenspiels! We first talked about how to hold the beater and then we spent some time experimenting with the sounds of the different notes. We talked about high and low sounds and found them on the glockenspiels. We practised going up and down and all agreed it sounded like a magic wand sound! We then learnt the song ‘Rock a bye baby’ and practised singing it. We then followed the instructions on the whiteboard to play the glockenspiels to the beat of the song focusing on the D note.  


This week, we learnt about the polar regions. We studied our globe and atlas to find the areas in the world where they are cold all the time! We talked about the differences between of the North Pole and the South Pole and what these areas are called- the Arctic and Antarctica. The Acorns love spotting the temperature on Mrs Marsden’s whiteboard in the mornings and so were absolutely amazed to hear that it can become -60 degrees in Antarctica- that is really, really, really cold! We enjoyed exploring making Olaf’s using the white playdough, being polar explorers, rescuing some polar animals from the ice and exploring the magic snow. 


We then decided to be scientists and took part in a ice experiment. We filled two jars with water- one with warm water and one with cold water. We made predications of what would happen if we dropped a ice cube in each one. We then dropped in the ice cubes at the same time and watched what happened. We were excited to watch the ice cube in the warm water melt in front of our eyes- it only took 20 seconds to melt completely!