Acorn Class 19th- 23rd April


This week in P.E we have been focusing on cricket skills. We played a fun game first having to move the balls around our bodies whilst running around the circle. The Acorns found this very funny and it reminded us of our dough disco moves. We then split into groups and became batters and fielders. We took it in turns to hit the balls with the cricket bats and run between the wickets. Our opposing team had to run and fetch the balls as quickly as they could so we could stop running. The Acorns really enjoyed this and impressed Mrs M with how well they took turns and followed instructions. We cooled down with some stretches in the sunshine! 

Topic and Art

We have been learning about habitats this week and it has really captured the interests of the Acorns! We talked about what a habitat is and looked at some different natural habitats. We thought about what the weather would be like to live there and what we might see there. Mrs M challenged us with a game of ‘Guess my Habitat’ and gave us riddles about animals and where they might live. We decided where each animal lived and why we thought this. 

We continued this theme in our Art. We thought about 3 different habitats- the desert, the jungle and the icy regions. We thought about the colours these habitats are linked too and made collages for the different habitats. We learnt how to overlap our materials as we glued them down to create a collage effect. 


This week we have been working on building numbers beyond 10. We have been using the multilink cubes, ten frames and numicon to help us build the teen numbers. We started to think about how the 1 represents 10 and the other number is the units.