Acorn Class 20th – 24th September 2021


We have been teaching the Acorns all about our school’s learning behaviours. They are 6 learning behaviours that we try to achieve through our time at All Saints’ to encourage us to be the best learners we can be. Today, we introduced the learning behaviour Co-operation and challenged the Acorns to work in teams to build a puzzle. We saw lots of discussion, turn taking and sharing- well done Acorns! 

Literacy/PSHE - The Colour Monster

This week, we based our learning about the story ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. We talked about our feelings and how the story links each feeling to a colour. We started out by showing different feelings through our bodies and faces. Can you guess which emotion we are showing?

We then made our own colour jars using collage materials. This helped us remember which feelings links to each colour. We then talked about what things made us feel like each emotion and recorded this by drawing. 

Art- Colour Mixing

As it was a colour theme this week, we decided to explore some colour mixing in our Art session. We learnt about the 3 primary colours and talked about what colours we think they might make if we mixed them together. We did an experimented with coloured ice cubes and watched them melt to create a new colour. We then used some paint to explore mixing the 3 primary colours and tried to make the new colours ourselves!