Acorn Class 21st- 25th March 2022


We made an exciting discovery this week- a letter from some pirates and a treasure map! We followed the clues to build a sentence which told us where the treasure was. It was rather exciting!! We discovered a big treasure chest with lots of treasure, a story book and another letter. It turned out the pirates were from the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and they wanted us to leave some treasure for them…..underpants! We chose a hiding spot and then spent the morning making treasure maps to lead the pirates to our treasure. We were so excited to see in the morning that the underpants had been found! 


We have been learning about number bonds to 10 this week. We found different ways to make 10 using ten frames and numicon shapes. We learnt a song about number bonds to help us remember! 

Understanding of the World

We have been learning about the Easter story in R.E and this week we made our own Easter garden. We made crosses using sticks to add to our Easter garden. This inspired us to give a spring clean to our class planter. We worked as a team to clear the weeds and leaves and prepare the soil. We then planted some strawberry plants we have kindly been donated. We have been excited to watch them grow and the Acorns are very very keen at watering them.