Acorn Class 22nd- 26th November 2021


Our focus artist this term is Wassily Kandinsky. We took some time to look at his art and discussed the shapes we could see. We were inspired to make circle picture. We used paint to create circle shapes creating a multicolour effect. 


This week, we are celebrating birthdays. We talked about what we do to celebrate birthdays and why we have birthdays. It just so happened that this week is our class toys Gilly and Ziggy’s 5th birthday so Mrs Marsden suggested we planned them a party. The Acorns were super excited and wrote Mrs Marsden to-do lists of all the things she needed to remember. We made cakes and wrote cards for Gilly and Ziggy and planned out the party games we were going to play. 

On Friday, we got changed into our party clothes and Ziggy and Gilly’s party began! We had so much fun! We danced and played musical statues and 4 corners. We then played Pass the Parcel with the parcel we had made in the morning. We sang happy birthday to Gilly and Ziggy and gave them the presents and cards we had made them. We then blew the candles out on the cakes and finished up by eating them- yum yum yum! 


Pen Disco

We took part in another Pen Disco session this week. We warmed up with a few ‘Squiggle While You Wriggle’ routine using our cloths to ‘wash’ the ceiling, the floor, and the walls. We then talked about straight lines and Mrs Marsden demonstrated how to start at the top and go to the bottom of the paper. We learnt that this is called a vertical line. We put some music on and practised our straight lines to the music. We love Pen Disco!!