Acorn Class 23rd- 27th November 2020


This week, we have been learning about lists. We talked about the features of a list and why we might need to make them. The Acorns came up with lots of different reasons we might need a list. This led to lots of list making during busy time- it was lovely to see such independent writing! 


This week, we were introduced to some characters- Mary, Joseph and a baby. The Acorns asked lots of questions about who the baby could be. Mrs Marsden explained it was a very special baby, it is baby Jesus! The story of how baby Jesus is born is a special one. We found the story in our class bible and enjoyed listening to the story of the first Christmas. The Acorns were excited to meet the other characters from the knitted nativity set and played with them during busy time. 


This week’s focus was balancing! We used the P.E apparatus to balance using different parts of our bodies. The balance boards were very popular! 


This week’s theme was birthdays and it just so happened to be our class toys Gilly and Ziggy’s 6th birthday! Mrs M suggested we had a party for them but she needed a little bit of help with organising it. The Acorns were keen to help and got to work making a list of all that needed doing for the party. We made cards, baked cakes and even made a pass a parcel. We may have got a bit carried away with the pass the parcel- it was rather giant!!!! The party was a great success- we danced, played games and ate cakes!