Acorn Class 24th- 28th January 2022


In P.E this week, we went to Space! We travelled around the room and ‘landed’ on our launch pads. We counted down and then took off into space. We put on our space suits and then we had lots of jumping challenges to tackle. We did wide jumps, hops, high jumps and two footed jumps. It really helped our coordination! 


In Literacy we have been learning about sentences and full stops. This week we have been really focusing on full stops and where they go in sentences. We had  a challenge to put words in the correct order to make a sentence and then put the full stop in the right place. We then wrote some sentences using our super writer toolkit to help us remember what we need. We really impressed Mrs Marsden with our fantastic sentences! 

Bird Enrichment Day

On Friday, we took part in RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch and had a enrichment day with Oak and Ash class to celebrate all things birds. We started the day learning about different bird calls and then went on the field to build nests. We then went birdwatching around the school grounds and recorded our results on a tally sheet. We made some bird masks and enjoyed wearing them for most of the day. Finally we made bird feeders by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners and dipping them in honey and bird seeds. We were very excited to see a few birds already visiting our outside area at the end of the day enjoying our new feeders.