Acorn Class 27th September – 1st October 2021


In P.E this week, we had a go at archery. We were very excited and listened carefully to the instructions. It was a little tricky to get the arrow on the bow but we showed great stickability to get it on. We then aimed the arrow at the target, used our muscles to move back the string on the bow and then let go. We aimed for the yellow every time as we agreed that was worth the highest points! 

Initial Sounds

We have been focusing on hearing and matching initial sounds. We have been playing lots and lots of games of I Spy using the sounds we have been learning in phonics. We talked about listening carefully for the first sound we hear when we say the word and looking at our mouth shapes to help us. We challenged the Acorns during continuous provision to have a go at a ‘Sound Spy’ game where they have to find the sound the picture begins with. This was an independent challenge and it was really fantastic to see so many of the Acorns wanting to have a go!