Acorn Class 28th Feb- 4th March 2022


This week, we have been learning about places in the world that have hot climates. We found Africa on our class map and found out some information about the country using our class atlas. We were excited to learn about the animals that live in the Savannah grasslands and a member of our class was able to share with us his recent holiday to Tanzania. We loved looking at pictures and learning facts. Did you know that a group of zebras is called a ‘dazzle’? 

We decided to go on our own safari adventure. We put on our safari hats and binoculars and made a list of all the African animals we could see!! 

Pancake Day

We celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday. We learnt about the history of Shrove Tuesday and found out about how other countries celebrate this day. We had a pancake flipping competition where we cheered each other on to flip the pancake. Finally, we opened up our own pancake cafe. We used our phonic knowledge to write our pancake orders and then went over to the cooking station to make our pancakes. Once our pancake was ready, we took it over to the eating station to enjoy- yum yum! Our final spot at the pancake cafe was the washing up- the Acorns really impressed Mrs Marsden with their cleaning up skills! 

World Book Day

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and enjoyed showing them and discussing them with our friends. We went on a book scavenger hunt and even had a visit from a real life author! 

We learnt about what it means to be an author and decided to learn more about the author Oliver Jeffers. Mrs Marsden read the story ‘Stuck’ to the class which is a funny story about a little boy whose kite gets stuck in the tree so he throws lots of different items up to try and get it unstuck. We decided to make our own ‘Stuck’ tree in the classroom. We drew items and labelled them using our phonic knowledge. We then climbed a real life ladder to stick our items on the tree- we were very proud of our tree!