Acorn Class 2nd- 5th November 2021


This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night. We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and then learnt about how we celebrate Bonfire Night today. We pretended to visit our very own firework display. We made our carpet area really dark like it was night time, pretended to put on our coats, hats and gloves and then watched a firework display on our interactive whiteboard. We talked about the patterns, sounds and lights we saw. We then made our very own firework pictures using a variety of materials to print. We then added some glitter for extra sparkle! 


In P.E, we did some gymnastics. We learnt about different rolls including the pencil roll and the teddy bear roll. We also learned how to jump safely making sure we land on our feet with soft knees. We then decided to put these new skills to the test. We jumped from a variety of apparatus and experimented with rolling using different resources to support. 


We have been learning about 2D shapes this week. We read a fantastic story called ‘The Perfect Fit’ by Naomi Jones all about a triangle who can’t fit how it fits with the other shapes. It led to a discussion about the different features of 2D shapes and we used mathematical language to describe them like corners and sides. We looked at the work of the artist Kadinsky and spotted different shapes within several of his pieces. We then decided to make our own shape pictures – we used lots of creativity!