Acorn Class 31st January- 4th February


In Literacy this week, we added a new item to our Super Writer Toolkit. We added finger spaces! We made our own finger spacers which we were really excited about and then we used them to write sentences. We had discovered some pants, an alien and Mrs M’s favourite story books ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’. We read the story and decided to design our own underpants for the aliens! We then wrote a sentence to describe our designs. 


We have been learning about Space this week. We read an information book about Space and learnt lots of facts about the different planets. We talked about the differences between the planets and what they were made of. We decided to make our own planets. We used shaving foam, food colouring and skewers to make marble effects and then we pressed the card over the top to print the pattern. It was very messy but very fun! 

Chinese New Year Enrichment Day

On Friday, we celebrated Chinese New Year with our friends in Oak class. We talked through the traditions of how Chinese New Year is celebrated and read the story of the animals. We had fun working out which animal we were. We then tasted some Chinese food. The prawn crackers were particularly popular however the crispy seaweed was not!! We watched a video about the dragon dances and made our own dragon. We had a little dance with our dragons too! Finally we made some chinese lanterns and took part in a chopstick challenge. What a day!