Acorn Class 4th-8th October 2021


This week we have been learning about where we live. First, we talked about our school and went on a tour of the school. We were especially excited to see the other classrooms and the staff room! We then located our school on a map and found out it was in a village called Lawshall. We used Google Earth Street View to travel through the village and found the school, the church, the village hall, the park and even the pub. We managed to find some of the Acorn’s homes too! 

We talked about what we would like to have in our own village. We talked about some of the places we would want to visit. Mrs Marsden made a giant map and we each decided to draw places on it to create Acorn’s dream village!


We have been practising blending to read words. We have been using words made up of the sounds we have learnt in our phonics. Mrs Marsden asked us to help Ziggy the Zebra to pack his bag for his holidays. We read the words on the list, found the item and put it in the suitcase. Super blending Acorns! 


This week our Christian friends Tom and Tessa taught us about the story in the bible about how God created the world. We read the story and then acted it out ourselves with items around the classroom.