Acorn Class 5th-7th January 2022

Winter Role Play

We have a new role play area in Acorn class and we are so excited to play in it this week! We had been inspired by Oaken’s Trading Post in the film Frozen and decided to make our own winter themed shop and cafe. The Acorns were so excited to put on the costumes and make their own ‘hot chocolates’ to serve to their friends. 

Letter Splat!

We have been learning about letter names this week and decided to test our knowledge with a game of letter splat. We chose our fly squatters and Mrs M was the letter name caller. The moment she said a letter name, the challenge was the first person to splat the correct letter. It got rather competitive! 


We visited the church this week to take part in a Epiphany service with Reverend Lawson. We love visiting the church- we always talk so much about what we have seen when we come back! We learned about Epiphany and the story of the 3 wise men at the birth of Jesus. One of the Acorns were selected to be the camel and had to do a camel walk around the church!