Acorn Class 6th-10th December 2021


We made a discovery on Monday morning- some snowy footprints led to a special letter from Father Christmas. He had asked us to write him a list of what we would like for Christmas. The Acorns were very keen to show off their list writing as we have been working hard at this! We used our phoneme fingers to segment the sounds and then wrote the sounds we could hear to spell the words. Father Christmas will definitely appreciate all our hard work! 

Christmas Decorations!

We have been busy this week making Christmas decorations! We practised our cutting and folding skills by making snowflakes. We also decorated some very jazzy Christmas trees. Obviously the key ingredient every time has been lots of glitter!! 

On Friday was Christmas Jumper Day! We danced and sang to Christmas music as we made some more very glittery Christmas decorations!