Acorn Class 6th-10th September 2021


We had our first P.E lesson with Tom, our sports coach. We warmed up with a traffic light game and then we completed a carousel of activities including frisbees, ball throwing, hoop jumping, bean bag throwing and the most popular activity…. bubble popping! 

Lawshall Mile

As a school, we vow to walk or run a mile throughout the classes. The Acorns had a go at their first Lawshall mile around the school field. We talked about how good exercise is for your body and we felt our heartbeats. 

Exploring our learning environment!

We have been getting to know each other and our learning environment this week and enjoying the good weather. We have been climbing and jumping in the outside area. We had a go at the finger gym challenge. We enjoyed lots of colouring! It’s safe to say the Acorns are definitely settling in to school life! 

Cross the River!

We have been learning to robot talk in our phonics session. Today, we played a game of ‘Cross the River’ where we had to listen to Mrs M say a word in robot talk. If it was the word on our card we had to jump over the river……. but we had to make sure we weren’t eaten by the crocodiles!!