Acorn Class 8th-12th November 2021


This week we have learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked about the meaning behind this day and why the poppy is significant. We learnt a little bit about what it was like during the war and compared it to how we live now. We watched the CBeebies Poppy video and made our own poppy wreath. We decorated some poppy biscuits and painted poppy pictures. We used loose parts to make our own poppy art too. We took part in a whole school 2 minute silence to remember all the people who fought in the war. 

Phonics- Tricky Word week!

This week has been all about tricky words! We made tricky word watches, went on tricky word hunts, played tricky word hopscotch and tried spelling tricky words too. We even put tricky word passwords on all the doors of Acorn class- every time we passed we had to read the tricky word. Well done Acorns, you have made fantastic tricky word detectives this week! 

Pen Disco!

We had a go at Pen Disco this week! We made circle patterns to music, following the beat of the music to our arm movements. We really enjoyed it- it was lots of fun!