Acorn 9th-13th November 2020

Acorn Class 9th- 13th November


This week we learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked about the why every year we remember 11th November every year as a sign of respect to those that fought for our country in the World Wars. We watched a CBeebies video about Remembrance day and talked about the significance of the story of the rabbit. We talked about why the poppy is significant for Remembrance day. We then took part in a variety of craft activities- we painted poppy pictures, we made poppy collages and made transient poppy art using loose parts. We then took part in a whole school 2 minute silence to remember those who fought for our country. 



Our R.E focus question this half term is ‘Why do Christians perform Nativities at Christmas Time?’. Today we talked about biblical costumes and used our class bible to look at pictures of what people wore during this time. We compared them to the clothes we wear now. We then had fun trying the costumes on and seeing what it was like to wear these clothes. This was very popular! 



In Maths, we have been learning how smaller numbers combined make up bigger numbers. We have been using different resources to find different ways to make a number. We used double sided counters to make the number 4 and then we used multilink cubes to make different shapes for the number 5. We discovered lots of different ways and shapes using just 5 blocks! We looked for patterns in the shapes we had made like putting 4 and 1 together. We were then inspired by our favourite Maths friends, Numberblocks and made our own Stampoline prints using the different shapes we had made. 

Children In Need and Class Reading Treat

Friday was an exciting day! It was Children in Need and we came to school in non uniform day. We learnt about what Children In Need is all about and took part in Joe Wickes 24 hour P.E challenge. We then made Pudsey masks! 

In the afternoon was our class treat for completing the half term reading challenge! We enjoyed a treat of hot chocolate, popcorn and a viewing of one of our favourite stories ‘The Gruffalo’.