Acorn Class 8th-15th March 2021

Acorn Class 8th-12th March 2021

It has been so lovely to be reunited this week with all the Acorns and we have even welcomed two new members too! It has been busy (and rather noisy!) as we have enjoyed spending time with each other and in the classroom again. Look at all this fantastic busy time! 

In Topic, we have been celebrating countries from around the world. This week our focus was Australia. We found it on our class globe and compared it to the United Kingdom. We were amazed to find out that when we are asleep it is their day time and that Christmas time in Australia is in summer! We learnt about Australian animals and looked at some Aboriginal dot paintings. We were inspired to make our own so we used Australian animal templates, cotton buds and paint to make our own dot patterns. 

In Literacy, we have been writing messages. This inspired lots of message writing on the big whiteboard during busy time!