Ash 10th – 14th January 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Descriptive writing.
Maths: Division – Equal Groups. Sharing and making.
Science: Energy Experts.
Phonics: -dge/-ge 


This week in our science learning we learned all about the importance of reusing materials instead of always buying new. We understood that there are benefits, not only for the environment but also for money. As part of our project, we created out own useful object for the classroom that was only to be made using recycled materials. Check them out!


Lots of travelling learning continued this week alongside Josh teaching us the importance of space and making the most of our skillset.


Well, Ash class really love computing! This week we explored touch-typing. We recognised that the letters J and F have a slight bump on them and that these are called our home keys. All letters along that line are considered the home line. By hovering our fingers over these keys, we are able to reach all other keys with ease. Check out our progress.