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Ash 10th – 14th July 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Grandad’s Camper – writing and planning our own narrative.
Maths: Column addition and subtraction.
Science: Germs
Phonics: homophones/consolidation.


This week we explored position and direction. We revised our awareness of left and right as well as other prepositional language before exploring quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise. We took this outside and used chalk to help us with our positional language. I was really impressed with the effort and understanding!


We’ve been exploring artist Georgia O’Keeffe and exploring the way in which she interprets different flowers and what she focuses on. We used her inspiration to create one of our own using bold and deep colours as well as focusing in different viewpoints.


Our Speed Stacking technique was improved this week with some coaching from Josh.