Ash 10th – 14th October 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Narratives – Big Write.
Maths: Addition and subtraction.
Science: Dependency.
Phonics: 5b spelling.

Big Question:

Careers Day at West Suffolk College

What an exciting day we had at West Suffolk College on Monday where we were able to explore more about the different jobs that contribute to society and just what they do. We started off with the police where they explained about their jobs, the equipment they use as well as the process after they have arrested someone. We all got a chance to go into the police van, have our fingerprints taken as well as wear some hats, jackets and belts.

Following this we moved on to meet the Fire Service who explained more about their role and what happens when they’re alerted to a fire. Some of us had an opportunity to wear a fire suit as well as some of their protective gear.

Morgan Sindal taught us about construction, particularly the safety elements of working on a building site and some of the dos and don’ts. We worked cooperatively together to be roofers.

A lawyer taught us more about rules and why we have them.

Over to the hospitality department where we were able to decorate cakes, have a go at selecting pancakes as well as making fresh lemonade! The children were highly complimented here.

Following this, we moved over to BT where they explained their role in developing technologies to help us in our upcoming and everchanging world. We used little robots and bar codes to find out what algorithm they were following.

The RAF did some work with us which included us making some of our own helicopters or foam airplanes.

We moved over to the council who spoke about the role young people play in developing their society. He looked particularly at our cooperation, creativity and independence. 

Back to the RAF where we were controlling and problem solving with different robotics, guiding them round a certain area and path. 

One of the highlights of their day was Urban FX. This is where they are using VR devices to help them in their architectural developments, using their drawings in a live scene background to see how a project might look. We had an experience of using minecraft themes to see how they can change our environments.