Ash 12th – 16th April 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Short narratives, Traction Man character descriptions and SPaG practice.
Maths: Counting in Fractions, introduction to measurement
Science: Materials
Phonics: gn/kn rule – revisit.


This week Ash were introduced to Traction Man! We have loved learning all about his adventures and the types of things he’s been up to. In our week, we looked at a range of fictional scenarios that Traction Man could be faced with and how he might tackle these problems. We also used our prediction skills by looking at some clues on the final page of the story. Using our imaginations we have planned our own short narrative for what we think could happen next and just how Traction Man will save himself. I can’t wait to see what they come up with on Monday’s write up. 


We came straight back and went straight into our fractions learning. This week, we looked at unit and non-unit fractions, reminding ourselves of the mathematical language such as numerator and denominator. We also learned the equivalence between 1/2 and 2/4 as well as exploring 3/4 of fractions and number. A busy, but successful, week.


Ash began their cricket coverage with Tom and explored some Net and Ball themed skill development with Miss McConochie. 


Friday afternoon introduced some very excited Ash children! We made our own finger puppets. Our afternoon started by introducing the children to a range of puppets whilst we explored their features, names and the properties they were made from. We understood that many puppets are controlled in different ways too. Over the course of this unit we will be learning a range of different ways of how to make puppets.

This week we learned about the material felt as well as felt glue and how these can be combined together to make a puppet. I think we had some success! Next week we’re learning about some permanent fixtures through sewing… watch this space!