Ash 12th – 16th September 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Using conjunctions to extend, prepositions and sentence types.
Maths: Writing numbers to 100, flexible partitioning, 100 in expanded form.
Science: Living, Dead or Never Alive – Local Habitat.
Phonics: Phase 5 spelling.

Big Question: Why doesn’t God always answer people’s prayers?


This week, Beegu went missing! We had no idea where she went until Miss Brill fortunately found her and returned her to our classroom. We were so shocked at how she disappeared so part of our learning this week was to question Beegu on her adventures. We learnt about what questions need and the best way to write them, including using the 5Ws as well as more complex openers. Following this we put our questions to the test by interviewing her. Thank goodness Mrs Palmer understands her!


A very practical week in our Maths learning. We looked partitioning this week to numbers with 100. Not only this, we looked at a more challenging concept where there were over ten ones in our part-part whole. We had to use our flexible partitioning knowledge to identify what the number was in whole. We did this both practically and mentally. I was so impressed by the number recall and fluency.


After interpreting our planets last week, this week was all about putting our creative mind to the task. We designed our planets.