Ash 12th October – 16th October


We’ve had a great week in our English learning this week bringing our learning around ‘The Darkest Dark’ to a close. This week we had a real focus on our punctuation and the way our sentences are written, as well as exploring some sentence types. We used images from the story book itself and used our imaginations to develop some commands, statements, exclamations and questions. Take a look at some of our creations.

We also looked into proper and common nouns this week. Common nouns are those everyday objects. We wouldn’t give those a capital letter because they are every day nouns. For example, these would be table, pen, book, etc. Proper nouns, however, are specific names of places or actual names of objects. For example, Mr Noonan, Lawshall or BMW. We organised lots of words into their correct categories, sometimes problem solving whether we had been tricked with capital letters at the start or not.


Maths has been great this week. We have developed some quite tricky routines and structures including bonds to 100, 10 more and 10 less as well as adding rather large multiples of 10 to set numbers. Ash have also been smashing their daily Magic 10, with everyone beating the 10 minute timer each week eager for additional challenges.


As our learning of Explorers is nearing it’s end, we thought we’d turn the classroom into space!


PE has also kept us busy and active this week, exploring more fundamental skills. Mr N focused on the vertical jumping skills. We looked at posture and how our height changes when we jump with accuracy. We then applied this to a number of assault skills.