Ash 13th – 17th June 2022

Next week's learning...

English: The Queen’s…
Maths: Time – comparing durations, consolidation of 5 minute intervals.
Science: Materials practical.
Phonics: wor spelt war/wur spelt wor.


This week in English we completed our adverts. We combined the use of computing, making our own stop motion video as well as using the iMovie program. We used the microphone to talk over our video with the script we wrote to advertise our toy and its special features. There are some amazing videos here. Check them out!

Abi's Advert

Arthur's Advert

Ben's Advert

Dylan's Advert

Ellie's Advert

Esther's Advert

Finley's Advert

Fleur's Advert

Grace's Advert

Harvey's Advert

Hope's Advert

Jack A's Advert

Jack F's Advert

Josie's Advert

Logan's Advert

Matilda's Advert

Phoebe's Advert

Polly's Advert

Rory's Advert

Rosie's Advert

Rudy's Advert

Seth's Advert

Sienna's Advert

Teddy's Advert

Thomas' Advert

Theatre Performance

We were treated to a Theatre Performance this week about a boy called Afonso. A football fan about to have his first party and the journey he goes on to embracing this. Great laughs had by all!