Ash 13th – 17th September 2021

Next week’s learning…

English: Writing narratives, our own version of Beegu.
Maths: Place value, tens and ones, representations.
Science: Microhabitats.
Phonics: Phase 3 recap.


Beegu is back! The children were delighted to see that Beegu was back and we are desperate to ask her questions. To find out where she went we remind ourselves about what questions look like and the types of words we could used when writing questions. Following this the children then asked their questions using the microphones and pretended to be interviewers. They really enjoyed the challenge.


This week we started our learning on place value to 100. To begin our learning we started our week by building numbers within 1 to 100. The children built on their skills of representing numbers and their awareness of tens and ones. I was very pleased with their level of confidence and engagement.

We introduced the children to a tricky element of partitioning this week. The children had to think really carefully about how to represent the same number in different amounts of tens and ones.


This week in PE Tom develop the children’s ball skills. The children had a carousel of activities in which they had to catch objects from different distances and different heights in partnership with one another.


The children began their papier-mâché planets this week. I followed the instructions very carefully and have all now got many layers ready to fill the mould. Thank you very much for the cardboard.