Ash 14th – 18th June 2021

Next week's learning...

Maths: Time and introduction to capacity, volume and temperature.
English: Poetry and topic based.
Science: Scientists

Secret Agent Training

This week was the start of our Secret Agent Training. As tradition would hold, here is our Agent portrait. Pretty fitting Agents don’t you think?

Health and Fitness Week 2021

Tuesday 15th June 2021

Well, what a day of sport that was! This morning, we attended a dance class with Miss Tandi who taught us a range of different techniques with ribbons as well as listening to the beat and each other. We started off with a warm up, which the children were awesome at. They didn’t even get caught out when the words changed meanings and became opposites! We then looked at working together to gallop in sync before learning strategies when dancing with ribbons. 

Following this, we moved onto Football with Josh. He taught us the techniques of dribbling before we used these in a competition to try and tackle each other. I was so impressed with the attitude and the determination behind trying to score their point. Great work!

We finished the afternoon with Tom completing circuits. We had a range of opportunities including basketball, skipping, curling, golf, bowles, throwing and ladder challenges.

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Yet another successful day in our Health and Fitness week timetable. The morning started off with some tennis delivered by David Hall. The children continued to strengthen their batting and returning skills as well as competing in some short rallies.

During the morning, Ash also considered what it means to be healthy and the benefits that this holds on the body. As a result, they created a “Healthy Fitness Routine” to showcase what they could do to stay fit and healthy.

Following this, the children headed out to see Josh who completed some team games with them, strengthening our collaboration skills by working in teams.

We also made some smoothies!

The afternoon arrived and we had some great time to spend together as a class. We completed yet another “Secret Agent Quiz” before playing some games together. Miss McConochie introduced us to a game called “Beep, Beep, I’m a Sheep” before we played the traditions of Duck, Duck, Goose and SPLAT! It was a great opportunity to spend with the class and watch them excel in the sporting curriculum.

Thursday 17th June 2021

Yet another busy day in our Health and Fitness week. Today we prepared ourselves for the BIG picnic! The children made their own sandwiches, chose their own fillings and healthy accompaniment before waiting to enjoy it later in the afternoon.

Following this, we had some more teamwork games with Tom. Our first activity was to create a chain and pass the hoops from one end to the other. This was followed by trying to create the biggest tower using the speed stackers and a final game of “Cross the waters”. I was really pleased with their efforts and teamwork.

After such a sunny week, the rain poured today. This, however, didn’t stop the children from having their picnic and some fun. We played some class games and were able to spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company.