Ash 14th – 18th March 2022

Next week's learning...

English: The Ugly Five – Letters, Descriptions and Diary Entries
Maths: Quarters and thirds
Science: Plants that we grow to eat.
Phonics: -el spelling rule.


We continued with our writing themes this week of Africa and animals in the Savannah. One of our missions was to look at a range of different pictures of animals and sequence them to imagine we were on a safari of our own and what we’d hope to see. I was really impressed with the recount entry that the children wrote.


We started our new topic of fractions this week! We introduced ourselves to fractions by looking at equal parts and unequal parts. The children were fantastic at recognising this and even problem solving what the mistakes were with equal and unequal shapes. We later moved on to recognising halves and finding halves. Some promising starts!


This week we looked at the different people and cultures of Africa. We found out many similarities between our lives and theirs as well as some differences, particularly those who live traditional lives and live in the Shanty Towns such as the Maasai Tribes. We also had a go at making some of our own African Necklaces. The children completed a hunt around the room to help them find out clues to their answers as well as the teaching input.


We looked at the symbols linked to Jesus’ crucifixion. 


Continuing on with our programming, this week we looked at different animals and how we could programme an algorithm to reflect the movements that the animals would have made. 


We developed our ball skills using tennis racquets this week!