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Ash 15th – 19th April 2024

Next week’s learning…

English: Scene development and narratives.
Maths: Four operations with capacity, temperature and fractions. 
Science: Planting.
Phonics: -mb spelling rule.


I have been so amazed with the learning that Ash have shown. We have been looking at litres and millilitres and they have really impressed me with the way they can look at the scale and find numbers that are missing. Great work!


This week Tommy has been working on their team skills when throwing and catching. 


As well as creating some brilliant character descriptions, we also took a look and explored contracted words. 


We have been looking at how toys gave changed over the years and thinking particularly at the Victorian era. The children weren’t so sure that they used to have fun, so after finding out what they played with we had a go at finding out ourselves. Turns out, you can have fun with pretty much anything! Even a wooden block.


We’ve been looking at the Torah and how they rejoice! We had a go at making our own scrolls and flags to join in!