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Ash 15th – 19th May 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Victorian Experiences – Big Writing.
Maths: Time – o’clock, half past, quarter past and to, 5 minute intervals.
Science: Discovering new materials.
Phonics: Contractions.

Next week – Victorian Enrichment Day!

Secret Agent Training 2023

Let me introduce you to the class of 2023 – Our Secret Agents!


Our character riddles got off to a great start today. We planned on whiteboards before writing our version into our books. We’re looking forward to see if Oak class can guess them correctly.


We developed our skills even further this week when learning rounders. Our batting is brilliant and our cooperative teamwork when fielding is also getting better! We self assessed to work out what our strengths and weaknesses were in preparation for our next lesson.