Ash 15th – 19th November 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Grammar and punctuation, suffixes: er, est, ing, ed.
Maths: Money
Phonics: PST revision.
Science: Basic Needs


As we approached our last topic in our addition and subtraction unit, we got practical. We started by pairing up together first and adding our numbers together. To then make this step a little bit harder, we added a third person into the mix and were then adding three one-digit numbers together. We were so impressed with the resilience shown and the consistency of the methods. 


In our gymnastics learning this week, Tom looked at travelling. Using a range of travels such as over, under, through and round, the children had to manoeuvre themselves around the apparatus. 

Forest Schools

We had a great day this week at Forest Schools. This week we did lots of sweeping, raking, climbing trees, using the swings and the slack lines, roasting marshmallows, making fires and creative crafts. 


This week we explored journey lines. This looks like a flight path over continents and oceans. The children spent some time working out where the journey lines were going but also making some of their own.