Ash 16th – 20th May 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Big writing, Victorian child recounts and diaries.
Maths: Position and direction – clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Science: Materials.
Phonics: u spelt o. 


The puppets went home this week. The children were really excited to see their puppets after the weekend as I’m sure you can see by their faces!


We started position and direction this week which we like to make as practical as possible. We started the week by revising our left, right, forwards and backwards knowledge (which did require us doing the Cha Cha slide!) Following this we went onto the playground and had a go at directing each other around the grid we drew out using instructions such as forwards, left, right and backwards. There was some great co-operation seen.

Later on in the week we introduced the children to clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. This took a bit of practice but with as much practical reinforcement, we were getting there! We’ll continue to reinforce next week. 


On our theme of Toys, this week we continued with Toy Story. This week’s tasks required us to write some character descriptions based on one of our favourite characters. We started with diagrams so we could pick out the key features of their appearance and personality before writing this up into text. We also wrote a character riddle based on a different character in which we had to make sure our clues weren’t too difficult but not too obvious so that we could quiz our reader. We met up with Oak class in the afternoon to read our riddles to them to see if they could guess them. I was really impressed with how well the children adapted their ideas if they weren’t quite sure first time round. Well done 🙂 


This week we looked at improving our fielding skills as well as refining some overarm and underarm throwing. 


In the lead up to our Victorian Day, we took a look back through toys from the past and how they’ve evolved. We matched toys to their definitions and Mr N felt very nostalgic seeing the Tamagotchi appear on the screen. 

Year 6 present Room 101

We were joined by six lovely Year 6’s who each presented a Room 101 speech to us about what they’d like to banish forever. We had a range of choices from spiders and overnight oats, snakes and paper straws, plastic food, lumpy milk and exhausts on the wrong side of the car as well as homework and savoury jelly. We were thrilled by their confidence and wonderful writing!