Ash 16th – 20th November 2020

Next week's learning...

English: Instructions
Phonics: Revising sounds, segmenting and blending techniques.
Maths: Money
Science: Identifying basic needs.


We have certainly been busy this week in our English. Whilst still exploring the text of John Patrick Norman McHennessy, we have been thinking about how John’s parents might have felt about how the teacher have treated their son. As a class, we all agreed that they would be cross! We spent the initial part of our week role playing and thinking about the questions/dialogue that would have been said between John and a parent before turning those ideas into a letter. Ash Class were brilliant and followed the guided structure amazingly. We have spent a good amount of time looking at letters now and they’re going to be using all of these skills next week to write their own letter. Keep your eyes peeled.


This week we started our new unit of money. We have spent this week learning how to count pence of all different amounts as well as pounds. We are also exploring how to identify an amount that is a mixture of pounds and pence. This week has been largely practical and Ash Class have really benefited from the hands on approach and methods that we have shown them. Great work!

Forest School

We finished our Forest Schools with a fantastic last session! We had a mixture of loads of different activities including: chiselling Fools Gold, den building, painting pine cones, peeling sticks, pond-dipping, picking apart owl pellets, using the hammock and the rope swing! It’s been great seeing the children continue to learn different life skills in a different environment.


More progress in our PE with Tom in Gymnastics and the children have again worked so hard in their Seasons’ Song dance. They’re very committed. 


We got the laptops out this week and started to explore the keyboard. The children were challenged to do a ‘keyboard detective’ challenge and really involved themselves with their task. They loved the responsibility of logging onto the computers and applying their usernames. We also discussed the correct ways of using, opening, starting and shutting down computers.