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Ash 17th – 21st April 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Short stories, questioning and prediction skills.
Maths: Recognise and find quarters and thirds, find the whole.
Science: Identifying uses for materials.
Phonics: Double consonant rule.


We explored equal and unequal groups in our maths learning. We started off by looking at what the words mean and how to identify this. Following this we were all given rectangles in which we had to fold into equal pieces or unequal pieces and verbalise why the pieces were the same or not. As the lesson went on, we understood more about the importance of equal over unequal and how to identify it. Our final challenge was to identify whether the same number can be shared equally into different amounts of groups which we solved practically. We were also able to link our times tables awareness to this task, too.


As part of our new learning theme, we looked at trust and thought about why this was an important piece for Jesus and his followers. We understood that trust is usually earned and not an instant connection and this was something we developed over the course of our lesson. We completed a range of different trust exercises before reflecting on how long it took us to develop our trust. 


As part of our history, we explored the different toys and how they’ve changed over time. After discussing and identifying the differences, we explored the toys dating to the Victorian times ourselves. Whilst we originally thought they weren’t as exciting as the toys we had today, we understood how they were still able to have fun with them over 100 years ago.


We developed some coordination skills this week with bat and ball. We started off refining our underarm throw and catching skills before we combined these skills and introduced a bat.