Ash 17th – 21st January 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Descriptive writing, newspaper reports.
Maths: Division.
Science: Forest Friends – Deforestation and the Rainforest.
Phonics: Adding -es to words ending in a y.


This week with Mr N, we started our Yoga unit. We explored a range of different poses and positions as well as listening to our breathing. The children formed poses around sea animals. We had the dolphin, seal, turtle, jellyfish, starfish and boat.

Josh continued to teach us about control and the importance of changing directions.


Our religious belief this term is Islam and we are focusing on compassion. As part of this, we discussed how Muslims’ God is named Allah and he is the creator of all things. We should, therefore, show compassion to everything that Allah created. We explored four stories, each one about a different animal: dog, cat, ant and bird. We created one of these animals out of playdoh and imagined it was real. We thought about the compassion we would show for it. We then listened to each of the stories and discussed what should or shouldn’t have happened.


This week in our English learning we explored some writing tools called the FANTASTICs. These help us to think carefully about the different things we need in our writing to help add detail and quality. I was so impressed with how the children approached this task, thinking about the setting, theme and genre. The children all discussed their ideas together and thought about sequencing it in their own way. 


The children had another successful computing lesson this week. We refreshed our touch typing skills before applying this to a word document. We used short texts from stories and typed these up, using touch type skills as best we could.


In our division unit this week, we explored different types of division. This includes groups of and into groups. This concept was slightly trickier so we used a very practical approach which helped to clear up their misconceptions.


Continuing on our theme of vehicles, this week we explored axles, wheels and chassis. We had a practical experiment working out which one would work best and which was the most stable.