Ash 17th – 21st May 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Victorian Recounts, Big Write
Maths: Time – O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.
Science: Materials
Phonics: -el saying ‘l’


It’s been a creative week in English! This week we explored adverts. We looked at their purpose, the features and what they do. Following on from this, the children created their own toys using elements from other toys, described them and thought about the features they could do if it was a real toy. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the official adverts…


This week we recapped on some learning that we had covered in the Autumn Term. I was really impressed with how quickly they recalled their skills. We looked at shape patterns, specifically their position, arrays, missing number problems and balanced number equations.


We learned the Friendship Song this week and demonstrated our pulse, rhythm and beat using instruments.


We were very lucky this week as we had a tennis session with David Hall. The children were taught a range of different skills that we were able to build on over the lesson. The children all demonstrated brilliant stickability and cooperation. The children’s ability to balance, bounce and retrieve was great!

Tom also continued our skills in PE with cricket.


We learned about the importance of recycling and what rules we need to follow when doing this. 

Pentecost Day 2021

To celebrate Pentecost and the birth date of Christianity, we all took part in an Enrichment day focusing on the special event. We learned about the story of Pentecost and why fire and doves are so significant for this. As a school, we are celebrating the occasion by creating an Art visual display. We, in Ash Class, created stain glass window effect pieces to resemble the fire and flames. 
Reverend Lawson also conducted a special service for us before we returned an used our bubble wands to resemble the key features of the Pentecost story: flames above the heads, the Holy Spirit ascending and sending God’s message.