Ash 18th – 22nd October 2021

Next half term’s learning…

English: Letter writing, creating reasons and explanations. 
Maths: Two digit addition and subtraction.  
Science: Animals including Humans
Phonics: Phase 5 recap.


This week we did our big write. We use a visual called bubbles to help us with our creative writing. The first lesson looked at us exploring what the video was showing and we used role-play to imagine we were the character in question. We later moved onto planning our own version of our bubble adventure, thinking about where and when we would go. Thursday brought our writing day. We had to think really carefully about what we wanted to include and what we had been taught this half term. I was very impressed with the children’s resilience and the writing that they produced.


This week Miss Jamil taught us about food chains. We looked at all of the new vocabulary including consumer, producer, prey and predator. We understood that the beginning of a food chain is normally a green plant or very small living thing. As the chain increases the animal size and strength get a larger.


To finish our unit on fundamental ball skills we completed a carousel with Tom and a few skill development games with Mr N.