Ash 19th – 23rd April 2021

Next week's learning...

English – Creative writing, instructions
Maths – Measurement in cm/m, comparing, ordering and solving measurements.
Science – Materials
Phonics – gn/kn rule.

Don’t forget…
Puppet Enrichment Day – Thursday 29th April 2021


There aren’t quite enough words to describe how proud I am of Ash Class this week. Following our learning on Traction Man last week, Ash planned and then wrote their own short story about the last visual they saw in the book. I was so impressed with the stickability and motivation they demonstrated, but also their creativity. Their use of language features and punctuation really impressed me and we all had a chance to share our work. A massive well done! See for yourself, below.

It was quite a intense week all-in-all, as not only did they write their creative story, they also wrote a character description! They really enjoyed the use of conjunctions and expanded noun phrases this week and were able to see the benefit of using these in effective ways.

Amongst the madness of writing this week, we also worked on our SPaG awareness and terminology. We did this as a quiz before all consolidating our learning together. I was pleasantly surprised! Well done, Ash!


This week in Maths the children consolidated their fractions learning before starting their learning on measurement. The children explored counting in fractions, problem solving in fractions as well as comparing measurement of their own heights and measuring against multilink cubes.


Tom continued his learning on cricket and field games whereas we looked at how to use our body positioning in shooting and scoring through throwing. The children were able to develop some catching skills and increase their skillset in aiming.


DT this week was an adventure! We taught the children how to sew. We were so impressed by the very individual outcomes, but also the magnificent attitude they had for learning. As you can imagine, this was quite a hands-on lesson so we ran out of time for photos, but I’m sure they were all able to show you their finished design at home. Well done, Ash!


In Science we looked at a range of different objects and how they’re used as well as the materials they’re made from. We also observed and identified how two similar objects can have different material properties before considering the positives and negatives of this.