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Ash 19th – 23rd June 2023

Next week’s learning…

Next week is… Health and Fitness Week!

English: Letters of persuasion.
Maths: Statistics. 
Science: Discovering germs.
Phonics: Adding -ed to words ending in y.

Doorstep Theatre Performance

On Monday we welcomed the Doorstep Theatre company from the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds to perform a show called the Tap Dancing Mermaid. We were all entranced in it and felt very sorry for the Marina Stepett who lived with an unkind auntie. We were overjoyed to know that the Moon granted her his wish on every 1000 orbits so she could live in the sea with her merman friend, Leo, but also come to land on a bright moon once a month to tap dance again. 

In the afternoon, we were especially lucky as we got to have a workshop delivered by the theatre. Using the theme of underwater, we played games and explored freeze framing whilst showing emotion on our faces. All of the frames were from the show of the Tap Dancing Mermaid. 


We put our voices to the test in English this week by holding a debate over who we thought was the real bad character in Jack and the Beanstalk. The children had to present a point, and listen carefully to the point given before responding in an oppositional way. I was really impressed by the creativity and passion that the children gave. We have some keen debaters on our hands.


we started our new topic of statistics this week. The first session was to explore tally charts and how we record them and read them. We practised forming different tally marks before creating our own question and gathering our own data. All of this was recorded as a tally chart.