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Ash 1st – 5th January 2024

Next week's learning...

English: Comprehension work, description, character descriptions.
Maths: Shape (2D and 3D) vertices on 2D, drawing shapes, lines of symmetry.
Science: Brick, Rock, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Fabrics.
Phonics: Phase 6.


We have been exploring shapes this week, both 2D and 3D. We reminded ourselves of some of the different names and have explored the sides on 2D shapes. We thought about how that shape can appear in a regular way as well as an irregular way, too. We used lollipop sticks to explore this and create some of our own regular and irregular. We then had a challenge of making only 3 different shapes using only 15 sticks. No sticks left out or borrowed from anyone else. A good challenge and some great mathematical discussion. 


We explored materials this week as well as investigating the use of cardboard, wood and paper. We understood what natural materials were and man-made materials as well as how they differ. We investigated these materials to see if they all had the same durability despite their rigidity and flexibility. 


We’ve been working on our handwriting this term and we have been so impressed with the focus and motivation to write with a join. Check out some of the beautiful work!