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Ash 1st – 5th May 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Character descriptions and character riddles (Toy Story themed)
Maths: Unit and Non-Unit Fractions, 3/4 and the equivalence of half and two quarters.
Science: Materials.
Phonics: u = o

Thursday 11th May – DT Day – Puppet Making


We started the process of our puppet making this week when we looked at making finger puppets. The children all scored out their own design template before having a go at using two different bonding methods. One method was using fabric glue, whereas the other was to sew. We taught the children how to perform a running stitch and an overstitch. There were some brilliant results but the children feel more confident now in the steps they will need to do when making their puppet next week.

King Charles III Coronation Celebration

To celebrate the Coronation of our King Charles III, we spent the afternoon working with different children where we became monarchs of our own. Each of us designed our own crown and Union Flag which we wore to assembly to celebrate this historic moment.