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Ash 20th – 24th March 2023

Next week’s learning…

English: Non-Chronological Reports.
Maths: Capacity, Volume and Temperature.
Science: Comparing results.
Phonics: ture spelling rule.


We explored Brazil a little more this week by looking at Rio de Janeiro. We focused on the different physical and human geographical features that appear within Rio de Janeiro and compared them to our home towns and homes cities.


This week we started a new unit on mass and weight. We started of the week by exploring weight and seeing how many cubes it would take to balance out different items. We used our prediction skills to try and estimate each item and got closer and more accurate with each step. As the week progressed we then looked at measuring in grams and kilograms and comparing heavy items to lighter items.


We explored African prints in our Art this week. We looked at interpreting different prints before creating some of our own. Our next step then required us to transfer these onto a polystyrene tile which we will use to print next week.