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Ash 20th – 24th May 2024

After half term's learning...

English: Predictions, rhyme and repetition, conjunctions.
Maths: Time – o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to.
Science: Woodland habitats, microhabitats.
Phonics: Contractions.

Victorian Day 2024

Today the children learned all about life in the Victorian school. We had the opportunity to learn about what their school day was like, the subjects they would have learned as well as understanding the way they were delivered.
Our two main aims for the day were…
1. Can I compare the difference between my schooling and Victorian schooling, realising how different they are?
2. Do I recognise how much better schools are today?

No school day would be complete without a portrait to celebrate! One where they’re happy, the other where they’re showing the more serious expression… Can you tell?

The morning started with some classic Victorian playground games; hoops, skipping ropes, blocks and some marbles. Both boys and girls were separated in halves and were only joined together when lining and heading to the classroom.

Following this we headed to the classroom where we were sat in set spots. All tables were separated and we were greeted by slate, chalk and a cloth. We saw the alphabet written in calligraphy and we had to write this to match on our slate. This was followed by writing our names in chalk. We understood that children would have written with ink in the Victorian times so to understand what this would have been like, we used cocktail sticks and black paint before using a real ink fountain pen. Pretty impressive!

Breaktime arrived and was followed by our second R – Arithmetic. We completed our questions and then came to the board to answer questions we were given. We discussed how they learned their maths by rote and repetition. They much preferred the maths we do now!

It was time to separate… the boys headed with Sir and we did some simple woodwork; sanding, hammering and screwing.

Girls went with Ma’am and made a Victoria sponge cake.

The rest of the time in-between and just after lunch focused on reading. We read the poem ‘There was a little girl’ as well as exploring some of the Victorian vowel reading. We agreed phonics is a much better way to learn to read!

Time for the Victorian drill and a playground classic of It!

We finally made it to the afternoon where we were able to learn about the toys! We explored the different things they had as well as also realising how much fun could actually be had.

Finally… a chance to enjoy our cake!

DT - Felt Puppets

I’ve been so impressed with the independence shown with the felt puppet making. We started off by reminding ourselves of our plan, cutting and adding on our features.

The half-way mark! The step after this was the sewing.

Her goes the sewing and the finished product? How awesome are these children?!