Ash 20th – 24th September 2021


It’s been a busy week in English! We have been planning and writing our own version of the story Beegu! We followed the process of the planning before turning these into sentences. It’s been a long time since we’ve done a bigger piece of writing but we got there and tried our best. 


We continued learning about the Jewish faith this week and celebrated “Rosh Hashanah”. As part of this, we tried bread dipped in honey and pomegranate seeds! We weren’t all that sure on the taste. We also made Rosh Hashanah cards for people to send them messages of love and luck. 


We started our learning on local habitats and explored our forest school area to see what is living there! We also hunted for things that were Living, Dead and Never Alive. 


This week in PE Tom continued to help us with our ball skills. We completed a carousel of different activities in order to help strengthen our skills..