Ash 21st – 25th March 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Narratives, debates. The Ugly Five.
Maths: Fractions, 3/4 and unit/non-unit fractions.
Science: Plants
Phonics: il/al spelling rule.


I’ve been so impressed with the children’s attitudes and involvement in the learning we’ve been doing this week. We introduced the children to the story The Ugly Five where on Monday we completed a comprehension. On Tuesday we sequenced our story and wrote a diary entry from the perspective of the wildebeest. On Wednesday, we thought about how well we could describe the animals so we wrote some character riddles before writing a letter to our favourite one explaining that they weren’t ugly at all, just unique. 


We’ve been on the fraction train this week! We’ve been looking at halves, quarters and thirds. Lots of our learning this week has been whiteboards or practical to help the children visualise and see what the fractions look like. I’ve been really impressed with their motivation and determination to solve the questions. 


This week our learning was based around using different elements of Scratch to create a musical themed algorithm. The children were so motivated to complete this, using their voices, hands and other elements to create a sound.