Ash 22nd – 26th March 2021

After Half Term...

English: Descriptive Writing
Maths: Fractions – Unit and Non-Unit, 3/4 and recaps.
Science: Materials
Phonics: -ful, -less, -ly


Before starting our own reports, we finalised our work on the cheetah! We started by creating captions based on pictures, writing about their habitat, the hunt and created a joke. It was quite a busy week but full of independence, excitement and enthusiasm. I’m so proud of you, Ash Class.


This week in our Gymnastics, we continued to explore the art of travelling and statues. The children had to develop ways of travelling from one cone to another in a range of different heights. Look at their creativity!


To help consolidate our learning on Africa, we looked at African patterns in preparation to make our own African printing tiles (which we’ll continue after half term!) Check out the creativity.


This term has been all about plants! Just check out their progress after being grown in a range of conditions.