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Ash 22nd – 26th May 2023

After half term's learning...

English: consonant rhymes, prediction, conjunctions to extend.
Maths: Time (revision), hours in a day, time differences.
Science: Scientists.
Phonics: wor = war, wur = wor

Victorian Enrichment Day

What a fantastic day we had learning about the difference in how schools have changed since the Victorian Era. We tried to deliver an authentic experience for the children so that they could understand the differences in how their school day is.
We started off in the school hall, separated in to boys and girls following a fingernail inspection. There, we played playground games that they would have experienced back then.

Following this, we moved through into the classroom (boys first as they were the most important) where the school rules were explained. When we arrived in the classroom, we noticed it was slightly different to how we last saw it on Friday. 

The first of our 3Rs was writing. The children had to copy the Victorian alphabet onto their slate tile perfectly. There was some great skills shown here! 

We referred to ourselves today by our surnames. We understood that in the Victorian Era they would have written in ink with a quill, however, we had the challenge of cocktail sticks and paint so that we could understand how often we had to refill the ink, similar to what was done back then.

Being a Victorian child was tough…

Following our breaktime, we split into boys and girls. Boys went with Sir to study woodwork. The girls stayed with Miss who worked together to do some baking.

Our class portrait… We do smile too!

Our second and third Rs commenced after lunch with reading of the poem “There was a little girl” as well as the reciting of our 2 and 4 times tables. 

Our Victorian drill taught us all about the importance of following orders and showing control of different movements. We agreed that it wasn’t as skillfull as our current PE lessons. We followed this by playing “It” as they would have done in those eras.

At long last, the Victorian toys! We got to explore the toys and identify how much fun they used to have with them. 

Finally… our cooked produce to enjoy at the end of the day!