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Ash 23rd – 27th January 2023

Next week’s learning…

English: Letters, fact files, recounts focusing on tense. 
Maths: Multiplication. 
Science: Forest Friends.
Phonics: /gn/ spelling rules.


There was some fantastic creativity in science this week where the children were creating their own rubbish monsters using recyclable materials. All of the children used great motivation and were able to understand why recycling materials is an important thing to do and how it helps the environment. All of the children were able to recognise how they were able to make something new without buying anything new to make it with. Check out some of our creations. 


as we reach the end of our money unit we have been looking at different ways of making £1. The children had a practical lesson where they were able to physically move coins and represent a pound being made in different ways as well as reusing the same coin over and over again. As the week continued we looked at finding the change using the subtraction method and two-step problems. Some tricky concepts this week but great attitude to learning. 


We have started a new text in English this week which involved us doing some investigating. We all received some pictures of different animal footprints and had to read the riddles to work out which animal we thought it was. We use the picture to help us break down our ideas before finding out what animals they really were. We started to question why do use particular animals were chosen and why we had to look at them in great detail. There was just one that we couldn’t quite work out. It looked a little bit like a bird but also a little bit like a dinosaur. Do you have any ideas what it was? 

Bird Watch Enrichment Day

We had great fun learning all about the birds in our locality. We even built nests, made bird feeders, conducted a watch and made some masks.


Now the forecasts have been edited, please see what our weather presenting skills are like!