Ash 23rd – 27th May 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate the Queen’s tremendous accomplishment of 70 years as our reigning monarch, we held a street party styled picnic with different foods that we created earlier in the week. We spent the morning making crowns and banners so that we could look the part. 

Victorian Day 2022

What a brilliant day we had today celebrating the Victorian Enrichment Day! (23.05.22) I was so impressed with the dedication and the attitude presented by all of the children today. I hope they enjoyed their day as much as I did. 


The morning began with fingernail inspections followed by some games in the hall of spinning tops, marbles, hoops, skipping ropes and spinning tops. The boys and girls were divided into two separate groups.

Following this, we headed into the classroom and were assigned seats on the correct side. Sir instructed us to sit down when we were allowed. We moved on to talking about the expectations in the classroom before writing the alphabet in Victorian calligraphy on our slate tiles. Once we’d developed some skill with the letters, we had a go at writing our first names or surnames in that style of writing, too.

This was followed by arithmetic and reading, once again using the slate tiles. Children completed a “Victorian 10” and some arithmetic in the three and four times tables. They much preferred the way we learn them today rather than through repetition. 

Soon it was time to separate the boys and the girls. Boys headed with Sir to complete some woodwork and girls stayed with Miss and created some peg dolls. 

The afternoon arrived and we were able to explore the Victorian Toys and Victorian Life resources we had in the classroom. It was brilliant to see something so simple bring children so much joy. Our day finished with a reflection on the day and the way children in Victorian Britain used to learn. Whilst some said they “quite liked it”, I imagine they’d much prefer to return to normal tomorrow.