Ash 23rd – 27th November 2020

Next week's learning...

English: Instruction writing, following and processing. Making pizzas.
Phonics: Segmenting and blending of all phase 3 and 5 words. -er/-est focuses and spelling rules.
Maths: Consolidation of the term so far and money.
Science: Healthy Eating


We’re really working on our money awareness this week. We spent some time counting pounds and pence before applying this to some problem solving questions. We further explored selecting money and focusing on our counting of coins precision. In the latter part of the week, we became very practical and explored making the same amount but in different coins. The children all followed the steps in starting with the lowest value and using the coins value to know what to count in until we reached our target total. Check it out!


I have been SO impressed with some of the independent letter writing Ash class have produced this week. Last week, I took away their chairs and they had to plan some arguments and reasons to try and get their chairs back. Before I gave in, they wrote their letters to me stating their arguments. I was so impressed with the structure, content and the application of all the features that letters need. You have made me proud!

The finished the week by looking at some SPaG terms, particularly suffixes. We explored -er and -est and all the rules that come with them, including the standard root words, words that end in an ‘e’, words that end in a ‘y’ and those that need a double consonant after following a single vowel and consonant. Lots of rules and whiteboard work, but we’re heading in the right direction!


Some more gymnastics skills this week. The children focused on their travelling across apparatus. 


The children have really got on board with their continents and oceans learning! This week, we put their awareness of the world into action by creating journey lines. The children created their own start and finish points before detailing where their journey went. The children also had to listen to their partners journey and apply it correctly to their own map too!


This week we have been learning about basic needs. We identified that our main basic needs are air, food and water. We also discussed shelter and how we desire this, but it isn’t one of main components that keep us alive. With this in mind, the children had to work together to create a safe place for a ‘puppy’. They worked together to create a zone for the puppy which gave them water, food and air.


We have been loving computing! I genuinely feel as though I am a magician showing children new tricks. This week was all about the magic behind the keyboard controls. The children wrote different sentences and explored what different controls we could use. We identified that…
Ctrl + A – highlights all of the text on the screen.
Ctrl + C – copies all of the text.
Ctrl + V – pastes everything we have just copied.
Ctrl + B – makes the writing bold and chunky.
Ctrl + I – makes the writing italic (or posh, so the children recalled)
Ctrl + U – underlines all of our writing.

We had great fun composing sentences and then seeing what magic the computer did!